SNHU Spotlight: Bridget Tomlinson

SNHU health information management graduate Bridget Tomlinson in her cap and gown. Bridget Tomlinson’s path to a college degree wasn’t always an easy one. But with support from others and through her own perseverance, she earned her online bachelor’s in health information management. She celebrated her success at Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Commencement. 

Tomlinson is a senior medical coder and said she hopes her degree will help her move up in her organization, “to be able to sit in those rooms that make the big decisions that really make changes in our healthcare system.” 

Tomlinson began her college career at SNHU in 2016 but stepped away for financial reasons. In the interim, she got married and now has a son and daughter. While working, raising a family and going to college can be complicated, Tomlinson said her academic advisor, Kelly, was a vital support system that helped her reach the finish line. 

“She was my advisor-slash-counselor-slash-best-friend-slash-everything,” Tomlinson said. “She is the most amazing person I have ever encountered. Having that outlet is the reason I am here today.” 

“I’m amazed how everyone at SNHU has the same spirit. It’s unreal how everyone is so nice, and amazing and really is on board with helping us achieve the accomplishments we set out,” she said. “It’s unmatched.” 

Tomlinson said finding that kind of support is important and, at the commencement ceremony, found it difficult to put into words how she was feeling.

“Unimaginable. I can’t explain it,” she said while holding her brand new diploma. “It’s been such a long journey and something I did not believe I would obtain. Crossing that finish line was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.”

Joe Cote is a staff writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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