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Qatar National Library app receives overwhelming response

Doha, Qatar: Qatar National Library’s recently launched mobile app has received an overwhelmingly positive response from users.

More than 37,500 members currently use the app, which provides quick and easy access to a wealth of information about the library’s services and collections, said Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure at QNL, Nasser Al Ansari.   

“Around 14,000 people downloaded the app within the first two weeks. Today, the app has more than 15,220 IOS users and 22,539 Android users,” he told The Peninsula.

“The app’s popularity builds on the steadily growing demand in the number of people borrowing ebooks and will enable even easier access to electronic as well as audiobooks. For younger readers, this means easier access to resources tailored specifically to their interests,” he added. 

 According to Al Ansari, among a range of features in the app, access to ebooks and audiobooks stands out as highly sought-after, as it allows users to enjoy digital reading and listening experience on their mobile devices.

 “The ability to browse the latest newspapers and magazines provides users with convenient access to current news and diverse reading materials. The option to register for events hosted by the library is also popular, as it allows users to stay informed about and participate in educational and cultural activities,” he said. 

 “These features, along with other functionalities such as booking study rooms and accessing the Library Catalogue, Online Resources, Qatar Digital Library, and QNL Digital Repository, all contribute to the app’s appeal and enhance the overall user experience.”

 The Library has added some innovative features and improvements to enhance how patrons interact with the app. One of the highlights of new features includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) checkout. 

 “Our app is integrated with QNL RFID technology and lets patrons experience lightning-fast and hassle-free checkouts. This streamlined process saves valuable time, allowing users to focus on discovering and enjoying the vast collection of resources available at their fingertips,” said Al Ansari.

 Two new innovative features of the app are in-app book renewal and ‘StackMap’ update (digital platform for indoor mapping) and fiction books location correction.

 “We have listened to our patrons’ feedback, and now, they can effortlessly renew their borrowed books directly within the app. One click away, a seamless and convenient renewal process will keep the reading momentum going; We understand the importance of accurate book location information. Our latest update rectified inconsistencies and fine-tuned the Fiction and Teens categories. Patrons can now easily navigate the library and discover their desired books without confusion,” said Al Ansari.

“With its user-friendly interface, the mobile app offers a seamless experience, putting the Library’s resources and services at users’ fingertips. Whether they are seeking information, planning to attend events, or looking for a quiet space to study, the app provides a convenient gateway to all that the Library has to offer,” he added.

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