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Ndeti promises better welfare for Machakos workers to improve services

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has said she will look into the plight of all her employees to ensure career growth and motivation.

This Ndeti said will enable the staffers become more productive in their specific departments thereby resulting in improved service delivery and performance of her administration.

She said a task force on Human Resources Audit that she instituted and commissioned in 2022 through a Gazette notice, had confirmed some of the workers’ complaints on their plight in matters work welfare, terms and conditions were concerned. She said there will be no more career stagnation among Machakos employees.

“As a mother and Machakos governor, when my employees cry, I must listen and find out what their problems are and root cause,” Ndeti said.  

The governor spoke after she received the four task forces reports at her Whitehouse office in Machakos on Thursday. They included human resources, pending bills, motor vehicles and ICT infrastructure audit reports.

“The task force on HR audit has established that some of the workers’ complaints are genuine. They haven’t been treated as they should be as Machakos County government staff,” she said.

Ndeti said the county’s health workers claims that some haven’t been promoted were true.

“Doctors saying there have been no promotions is true. I told them to give me time so that I be given a report on the same. Now I have been given the report, all they were ‘crying’ about is true,” Ndeti said.

“I want to assure all workers that we will put proper structures for employees to rise through promotions, no more stagnations,” she said.

The county CEO said some workers had remained stagnated for years as new ones get hired in higher positions unprocedurally.

She said her administration will fix all the flows identified by the task forces in their investigations as indicated in the respective reports handed to her on Tuesday.

Ndeti said her administration will continue operating within the law.

“The task forces have unearthed how the previous county regime was flouting the law, operating without following respective law and procedures. I assure you that we will follow the rule of law,” Ndeti said.

She said her administration will implement all recommendations made by the task forces following their findings.

“If there is something that has disturbed me and I don’t want to cheat you is the HR. We will look into all those issues you have raised,” Ndeti said.

The governor said some people had been playing around with payroll at the HR department.

She warned that anyone found breaching the law in her government will be sacked.

Ndeti warned employees with fake documents in her administration saying that their 40 days had reached. The task force revealed that 376 out of 6,321 employees as at November 2022, didn’t have academic certificates while 2,889 others lacked transcripts and 1,378 had no job confirmation letters.

“If you have fake documents, come earlier and tell me that they are fake,” she said.

She said her administration will equally look into findings and recommendations made by pending bills, motor vehicles and ICT Infrastructure audit task forces.

Ndeti said lack of proper ICT infrastructure makes leakage of government documents rampant.

“Let’s be the best ICT county in the country and I know we can. I being an ICT expert, it will be very wrong for us not to have proper information technology,” she said.

On county’s pending bills, she said her administration will pay only genuine ones.

“Some worked and they haven’t been paid since 2013, they have relevant documents to that effect. It isn’t fare, they borrowed money from banks and some had their property auctioned after failing to pay the loans. They haven’t been paid after working for the county government ten years ago,” Ndeti said.

She said the county government had taken people’s vehicles but failed to pay for them hence don’t have logbooks.

Ndeti told the employees to focus on their work for the public’s best interests.

She, however, warned them against engaging in malpractices such as corruption which can compromise their jobs.




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