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The 24/7 assistance number is an important safety net if you encounter issues while travelling, for both large problems and trip inconveniences. The phone number can generally be found in your travel insurance policy, or on the insurance company’s website or mobile app.

Consider this scenario: In the case of a natural disaster at your destination, everyone might be trying to leave the location at the same time, which can overburden transportation resources. A good travel assistance provider can be a huge asset to help get you home.

Or perhaps you’re faced with a more common travel hiccup: Lost or delayed baggage. If your travel insurance includes baggage coverage, you’ll need to report the delay to travel assistance to later get reimbursed for necessities to tie you over for a few days.

When you’re shopping around for a travel insurance policy, it’s important to look for a robust emergency assistance service that includes rebooking flights or hotels, missed connection coordination and vehicle return.

Ideally, you’ll have access to an assistance service that provides a fully staffed, in-house department, and full integration across teams. This way, you can rest assured with the knowledge that someone is taking a comprehensive view of your needs whenever you call in.

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