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7 Top Statements From Google Cloud’s First Data Cloud Summit

Data is at the heart of business transformation, and digital innovators understand the power of resilient, mission-critical systems that can run their businesses reliably and securely, and how technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, large-scale analytics systems and big data can be used to power innovation, according to Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen how organizations have turned data into actionable insights to drive impressive change,” Kurian said at Google Cloud’s inaugural Data Cloud Summit on Wednesday. “Our mission at Google Cloud is to accelerate organizations’ ability to transform their business digitally. Solving data challenges is at the heart of Google’s core competence. And over the last two decades, we’ve been in a unique position to help businesses get the most value out of their data.”

Kurian and Gerrit Kazmaier, Google Cloud’s new general manager and vice president for data analytics, databases and Looker, kicked off the virtual conference with a keynote address. Kazmaier, who joined Google Cloud in April from SAP, also previewed some of the cloud provider’s new database and data analytics products and updates.

“Our data cloud technologies continue to be one of Google Cloud’s fastest-growing segments,” Kurian said. ”In 2020 alone, customers analyzed 200 percent more data at exabyte scale using our Google Cloud data technologies. Our databases saw tremendous growth, and data scientists doubled the instances of machine learning workloads that they used last year.”

Click through to read some more of Kurian’s remarks from the Data Cloud Summit address and what Kazmaier had to say about organizations becoming data-driven, making data an ability and the four pillars of Google Cloud’s integrated data cloud.

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