The 7 Best Flowchart Software of 2021

What Is Flowchart Software?

With the use of flowchart software, individuals and organizations can create a variety of useful visual templates and diagrams. These can range from organization charts to project management timelines, mind maps, wireframes, and more.

Some flowchart software programs can be used to create even more advanced diagrams such as floor plans, UML (unified modeling language) models for software programming, and engineering diagrams.

With flowchart software, users will typically work from a pre-designed template. This allows them to drag and drop different shapes, lines, images, and text boxes as well as add pertinent information to suit the chart’s intended purpose.

Who Should Get Flowchart Software?

There are many individuals, teams, and organizations that can benefit from flowchart software. While these programs are commonly used by HR departments and marketing professionals, they can realistically be utilized by anyone whose team could benefit from an org chart, decision tree, project timeline, floor plan, and more.

Flowchart software is especially helpful when it comes to employee orientation, demonstrating how an organization operates or how a task is performed, as well as project planning, software design, and even engineering.

What Does Flowchart Software Cost?

The cost of flowchart software depends on the functionality required as well as the number of users.

There are some free options available, though you can expect those plans to have limited features such as a maximum number of active projects, limited collaboration with team members, and restricted access to features and tools.

Individual and team subscriptions typically range from $5 to $10 per month per user, depending on the program. Some platforms will require users to download the software with a full license (rather than paying a monthly subscription), in which case the cost is typically between $100 and $200.

How We Chose the Best Flowchart Software

In order to choose the best flowchart software for readers, we looked at a number of key features. This included comparing functionality and the features offered by each platform, looking at whether the software was best suited for beginners, advanced users, etc. We also looked at how the software could be accessed and used—was it online-only, downloadable, accessible by mobile web, or all three?

We compared factors such as the number of diagram types and templates available, how easy and intuitive the software is to use, and whether users can try it out with a free trial prior to purchasing. Lastly, we considered the cost of that flowchart software and whether the company offered a money-back guarantee to subscribers.

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