EdiFabric’s legendary software for B2B and Healthcare data interoperability just got better

New file translation and validation for HL7 and NCPDP documents

EdiFabric added parsers and generators for HL7 (version 2.X) and NCPDP that allow developers to support all HL7 EDI file formats, the NCPDP Telecommunications flat-file format, and the NCPDP SCRIPT EDI file format. Hospitals and other health institutions use HL7 files to exchange everything from billing records to patient data. NCPDP standards are used to interchange prescription data and related information in the medical provider community.

Performance improvements for parsing and validation of EDI files

EdiFabric claims to have developed the fastest parser for EDI files, which can also read files of any size. The latest version hit a benchmark of 44 seconds for reading a file that contains data for 100,000 patients (benefit enrollments) and under a minute to read and validate it.

“We have seen a sharp rise in the demand for EDI developer toolkits in 2020 that continues into 2021. Businesses are trying to optimize their expenses, increase their ROI, and at the same time gain more control over how they exchange B2B and healthcare data. Ever-increasing provider fees and limited flexibility to implement new requirements lead many companies to partially or fully move EDI in-house.

EdiFabric can empower any organization to utilize EDI, the standards that govern 75% of the global B2B and healthcare data, in the most cost-effective, flexible, and scalable way possible. Our customers are both pleasantly surprised and amazed about how EdiFabric ingeniously handles all of the EDI format complexities for a fraction of the cost they would usually be spending for a managed provider or a clearinghouse,” said Kamen Nikolov, CEO. “EdiFabric will continue to raise the bar on performance and ease of use to stay ahead of our customers’ growing trading partner relationships.”

About EdiFabric

EdiFabric offers developer toolkits that enable companies to build value networks and connect with trading partners more effectively by implementing EDI in-house using only familiar concepts and existing resources.


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