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Okanagan artists raise funds for Canadian Mental Health Association – Okanagan

A West Kelowna winery has a cure for winter blues; Spring blooms and a glass of wine.

West Kelowna’s Grizzli Winery is pairing art with wine, as a countdown to spring.

“We realized with COVID-19 there’s a lot of isolation (and) social anxiety,” said Breanna Nathorst with Grizzli Winery.

“We decided to support the (Canadian Mental Health Association). It’s really close to our hearts and we wanted to give back to the community.”

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The month-long art exhibition features more than 100 pieces made by artists that are members of the Central Okanagan chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists all for sale. And 10 per cent will be given to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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“We all know mental health has been in the headlines recently and as artists, we are in a unique position to create to be able to create both literally and figuratively with the stroke of a brush,” said Jaxon Jurome, F.C.A Central Okanagan chapter president.

“We wanted to get the community involved and inspire them to tap into this creativity because it does so much for our mental health.”

A survey conducted by UBC and the CMHA found that 40 per cent of Canadians’ mental health has deteriorated and one in 10 Canadians are having thoughts of suicide since March when the lockdowns began.

Organizers of the event hope that art can help those statistics.

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“It’s about the importance to trees to mankind so all my paintings are really large and they are all about the forest trees,” said artist Ann Willse.

“All these magnificent old-growth forests that you can go and touch these old trees and it’s just unbelievable and it fills me with passion that I want to capture that on a canvas.”

Barb Hanington received an honourable mention from the FCA with her painting that will be displayed at the winery.

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“It is painted with Casein which is a very old paint that was around even in Roman times,” said Hanington.

The art exhibit opens Feb. 19 and goes on to March 31. The grand opening takes place Feb. 20 online. 

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help, resources are available. In case of an emergency, please call 911 for immediate help.


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