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Soon, insurance policies can be kept in Digilocker

Soon, you will be able to keep your insurance policies in Digilocker in electronic form. With the idea of digitisation of the insurance sector, and an aim to make life simpler for policyholders, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has announced the issuance of digital insurance policies by insurance companies via Digilocker.

DigiLocker, as the name suggests, is a ‘digital locker app’ for citizens to securely save copies of all their documents in their mobile phones. The app can be easily downloaded from the Google/Apple Play/App Store.

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Currently, driving licence, car registration, voter ID, PAN card, school and college certificates, and many other documents issued by the government can be saved digitally. The documents, when presented in digital form via Digilocker, will be accepted as ID proof for verification purposes.

“Digilocker is an initiative under Digital India program by the Government of India where citizens can get authentic documents/ certificate in digital format from original issuers of these certificates. It aims at eliminating or minimising the use of physical documents and will enhance the effectiveness of service delivery, making these hassle-free and friendly for the citizens,” the circular said.


As mentioned above, the Digilocker will not only help in storing policy document in electronic form but also reduce costs, eliminate customer complaints relating to non-delivery of policy copy, improved turnaround time of insurance services, faster claims processing and settlement, reduction in disputes, reduction in fraud and improvement in customer contactability. On the whole, it is expected that it will lead to better customer experience.

To promote the adoption of Digilocker in the insurance sector, the regulator has advised all insurers to enable their IT systems to interact with the facility to enable policyholders to use it for preserving policy documents.

Insurers should also inform their retail policyholders about Digilocker and how to use it. Insurers are also advised to enable the process by which policyholders can place their policies in the Digilocker, the circular said.

The Digilocker team in NeGD (National e-Governance Division) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology shall provide necessary technical guidance and logistic support to facilitate the adoption of Digilocker.

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