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South African doctor Tevin Naidu offers mental health education through podcast – Press Release

Tevin Naidu is a medical doctor, philosopher, and television presenter. He is best known for his role as the host of South Africa’s most popular Asian lifestyle and entertainment television shows: Eastern Mosaic and Mela.

According to medical research and findings, one in three South Africans develops a psychiatric condition in their lifetime. This mental health crisis is amplified by pre-existing adversities, such as hunger and violence, an overburdened healthcare system, a high prevalence of chronic and infectious diseases, and alarming rates of poverty and unemployment. Less than 16% of those suffering from mental illness receive any form of treatment and there are approximately 18 hospital beds for every 100 000 patients with mental illness (and only 1% of these are reserved for children and adolescents). This is further propagated by the lack of awareness around mental health and the negative stigma attached to mental illness. Mental illnesses can have debilitating symptoms for sufferers and have a significant negative social and economic impact on society. South Africa’s public mental health expenditure is less than 5% of the total public health budget. The country is in a mental health crisis – and this is before one can apply the damage done by COVID-19.

Dr. Tevin Naidu’s goal is to provide a platform for South Africans to learn more about mental health as well as mental illness and disorders. This is especially important in a time where social distancing has become the norm and access to mental health care has become more difficult. His new podcast ‘The Mind-Body Solution’ is designed to provide valuable and easily accessible information to all South Africans.

Dr. Tevin Naidu’s podcast will be addressing the human mind in both its physiological and pathological form. All information will be accurate, evidence-based, and up to date. Dr. Tevin Naidu hopes to promote public mental health education, encourage early diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions and decrease the misinformed stigma associated with mental illness and disorder. He will be tackling all mental health-related topics from stress, anxiety, and depression, to schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, and psychosis. He intends to dissect the field of mental health from a philosophical perspective so that the people of South Africa can benefit from this knowledge.

On the dedication towards his podcast, and his goal to help others around him, Dr. Tevin Naidu commented, “I will be involving all mental health role-players such as government departments, non-profit organizations, academic and research institutions, and, most importantly, the user-voice movement.” In these trying times where people are dealing with issues related to the pandemic, receiving mental help has become increasingly difficult. Lockdown situations and loss of loved ones or employment have also stirred up several issues for people in the form of stress, anxiety, and depression. The podcast will help people make sense of their conditions, as well as gain knowledge on how to help others with mental disorders. It will also provide information for maintaining a healthy mind in the absence of a mental illness.

What makes Dr. Tevin Naidu’s podcast different from the rest is his Master’s in the Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health – which gives him a unique take on the topic. It will be an in-depth philosophical probe into the nature of the mind and mental. According to him, “The planet has become infected with misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and hate-speech. The Mind-Body Solution aims to help counter this pernicious disease from a mental health perspective”. Equipped with a background in philosophy, psychiatry, and presenting, Dr. Tevin Naidu aims to make his podcast as educational and entertaining as possible.

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