Epidemiology and risk of psychiatric disorders among celiac disease patients: A population‐based national study

This study was carried out to present the epidemiology of several psychiatric disorders in celiac disease (CD) using a large database. Between 2016 and 2020, researchers evaluated a multi‐center database (Explorys Inc), an aggregate of electronic health record data from 26 major integrated healthcare systems consisting of 360 hospitals in the US. They distinguished a cohort of patients with a Systematized Nomenclature Of Medicine ‐ Clinical Terms (SNOMED–CT) diagnosis of CD. Using SPSS version 25, multivariate analysis was performed. There were 112,340 (0.30%) individuals with CD among 37,465,81 patients in the database between 2016‐2020.

Patients with CD were more likely to have a history of anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, eating disorder, and autistic disorder, vs patients with no history of CD. There is a need for individual care and referral to psychiatry when appropriate while taking care of this group of individuals.

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