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Victoria College awards 231 degrees, certificates to Fall 2020 graduates | Higher Education

Victoria College awarded degrees and certificates to 231 graduates at the end of the Fall 2020 semester.

Following are the Victoria College graduates grouped by their cities of residence with their degrees, certificates and honors listed:

· Dustin Moses, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Tabitha Turner, Associate of Science

· Madison Dye, Associate of Science

· Huong Nguyen, Office Management Certificate

· Mignon Dale, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Dominicia Grant, Office Management Certificate

· Rebekah Liserio, Associated of Applied Science-Process Technology; Tiki Venglar, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Maribel Almaguer, Associate of Arts

· Michael Chomout III, Associate of Science; Maci Fisher, Welding Certificate, Welding Advanced Certificate; Gabriel Garcia, Associate of Science; Laycee Guerrero, Associate of Arts; Hannah Heil, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; McKenzie Laqua, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Garrett Sweatman, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Travis Young, Associate of Science

· Amanda Busch, Office Management Certificate

· Iris Quintero, Associate of Arts

· Cayden Airhart, Associate of Science; Dalton Bailey, Associate of Applied Science-Instrumentation, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Jessel Cunning, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Riley Gerdes, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Sydney Grona, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing, Associate of Science; Emilio Hernandez Jr., Associate of Science (Cum Laude); Mario Hernandez, Associate of Science (Cum Laude); Constance Solis, Associate of Science

· Priscilla Jimenez, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Tyler Rogers, Associate of Arts

· Travis Green, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Norma Hernandez, Associate of Science; Anna Mendez, Associate of Science; Benjamin Ramsey, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Ty Reid, Associate of Science; Jennifer Villela, Associate of Applied Science-Business Management

· Taylon Bedynek, Associate of Arts; Kayla Buesing, Office Management Certificate; Amber Huntley, Associate of Applied Science-Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement; Angelica Munoz, Office Management Certificate; Micaela Patton, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Selina Pina, Associate of Science; Candace Wilcox, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Alma Castaneda-Cardoza, Associate of Science (Cum Laude); Ruby Ramirez, Associate of Arts; Denessie Reyes, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Shea Silbey, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Asia Taylor, Associate of Science

· Lauren Migl, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Hannah Smith, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Maricruz Medina, Associate of Science

· Garrett Roessler, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Cassidy Sandhop, Associate of Science

· Erica De Los Santos, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Mary Garcia, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Ranson Moore, Advanced EMT Certificate; Melody Robledo, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Jose Ruiz Colin, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Maritsa Chavarria, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Joshua Drastata, Associate of Applied Science-Instrumentation; Hannah Mitchell, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Michael Williams, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate

· Crystal Buehring, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Marivette Cruz, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Tiffany Holcombe, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Brenda Ramirez, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Kelly Spann, Associate of Arts

· Natasha Lazo, Associate of Science

· Kristyn Amaya-Guillen, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Rebecca Shelby, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Jasmine Canchola, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Elizabeth Montes, Associate of Arts

· Dianne Atkinson, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Keith Carr, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Brandalynn Escobar, Advanced EMT Certificate; Theodore Flores III, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Deanna Garcia, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Terrance Garcia, Associate of Applied Science-Instrumentation; Savannah Harley, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Dillon Irick, Associate of Applied Science-Instrumentation, Instrumentation Certificate, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Lane Kocian, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Daniel Leita, Associate of Applied Science-Process Technology; Dalila Lopez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Daniel Martinez Jr., Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; John Mayne, Advanced EMT Certificate; Jose Rodriguez Pina, Associate of Science; Joe Sanchez Jr., Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Dylon Shefcik, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate (Cum Laude); Margarita Torres, Office Management Certificate

· Hailey Moehr, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Kayla Tyler, Advanced EMT Certificate

· Jennifer Morin, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Wesley Liere, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Layne Vyvjala, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate

· Christian Brown, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Sarah Davila, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Christian Brown, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Ethan Berger, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Collin Bujnoch, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Taylor Mraz, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Stacie Roznovsky, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Devin Luna, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Kevin Edens, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Noah Stewart, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate

· Desirea Huerta, Associate of Science (Magna Cum Laude)

· Adriana Acuna, Associate of Science; Nathan Alkek, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Kristen Ballard, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Robert Baucom, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate (Magna Cum Laude); Kyle Bitterly, Associate of Arts; Kurstie Caldera, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Jaimie Castillo, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Todd Christensen, Computer Information Systems Personal Computer & Network Certificate; Skylar Clark, Associate of Science; Bradley Conn, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Noelle Crockett, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Maritza Cruz, Associate of Science; Amy Daniel, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Uyen Duong, Associate of Science (Cum Laude); Heather Eidem, Associate of Science; Amy Elisondo, Associate of Arts; Jacob Estraca, Process Technology Certificate; Maribel Galarza, Associate of Science; Ramiro Gamez, Welding Certificate, Advanced Welding Certificate (Magna Cum Laude); Jacqueline Garcia, Associate of Science; Jesse Garcia, Associate of Science; Kim Garcia, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Riley Gerdes, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Randi Green, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Cheyenne Hamilton, Associate of Science; Bethany Harrison, Associate of Arts; Hannah Heil, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Keegan Heller, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Logan Hernandez, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Michael Hernandez-Spall, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Mina Hernandez, Associate of Science; Shandra Hights, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Breanna Horelka, Associate of Arts; Shanice Hughes, Associate of Arts; Lucinda Jaramillo, Associate of Science; Priscilla Jimenez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Georgette Juarez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Riley Kucera, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate (Magna Cum Laude); Colby Lamprecht, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Pedro Leos III, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Samuel Leos, Associate of Arts; Eloy Levario Jr., Associate of Science; Eric Liu, Associate of Science; Sarah Maiden, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Adrian Manzano, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Kimberly Martin, Associate of Science; Ariel Martinez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Jo Lynn Martinez, Office Management Certificate; Marina Martinez, Associate of Arts; Modesto Martinez, Associate of Arts; Morgan McCutcheon, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Dawson Miller, Associate of Science; Jackee Milton, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Elizabeth Montes, Associate of Arts; Jacob Moore, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Jennifer Morin, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Micah Morkovsky, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Reyna Navarro, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Caleb Nieto, Office Management Certificate (Summa Cum Laude); Keith Nugent, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Jonathan Olguin, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Emily Pape, Associate of Science; Harnish Patel, Associate of Science (Cum Laude); Valerie Paul, Office Management Certificate; Alexandra Paulsen, Associate of Science (Summa Cum Laude); Brenda Pena, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Kameron Peyton, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Bonimarie Price-Gettings, Associate of Science; Amber Rabsatt, Associate of Science; Brenda Ramirez, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Ryan Ramirez, Associate of Applied Science-Process Technology, Process Technology Certificate; Zitlali Ramos, Associate of Science; Jessi Robertson, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Halie Robison, Associate of Arts; Michelle Robinson, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Blade Rodriguez, Office Management Certificate; Celina Rodriguez, Associate of Arts; Kamryn Rodriguez, Office Management Certificate; Kayla Rodriguez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Genaro Ruiz, Associate of Applied Science-Process Technology; Xena Ruiz, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Alberto Salazar Jr., Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Levi Salazar, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Marisol Sanchez, Associate of Applied Science-Criminal Justice Law Enforcement; Rashelle Sanchez, Associate of Arts; Riley Saski, Associate of Science; Randi Schultz, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Jenna Schustereit, Office Management Certificate; Trey Schwartz, Associate of Science; Amanda Smith, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Al Sommerlatte, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Larissa Steen, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Brianna Stovall, Associate of Applied Science-Business Management; Marisabel Tesch, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Cameron Thedford, Associate of Science; Ramiro Torres, Office Management Certificate; Cynthia Trevino, Associate of Arts; Morgan Trevino, Associate of Science; Alexandra Tucker, Associate of Science; Jon Urias, Welding Certificate, Advanced Welding Certificate; Alexis Valderamos, Associate of Science; Sierra Valderamos, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Jamaica Valdez, Associate of Applied Science-Business Management; Gabriella Valenzuela, Associate of Science; Justine Villarreal, Associate of Science; Tiffany Villarreal, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Alice Waithaka, Associate of Science (Summa Cum Laude); Britani Walther, Associate of Science; Matthew Wieding, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Pacen Wieding, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate (Magna Cum Laude); Gail Wright, Associate of Science; Amber Ybarra, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Warren Young, Associate of Science; William Zrubek, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate

· Jacquelyn Clarke, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Tamia Oliver, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Krissi Paschall, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Adriana Veitch, Vocational Nursing Certificate

· Keiondra Clay, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing

· Conner Brandt, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Devin Chumchal, Instrumentation/Measurement Technician Certificate; Johana Galvan, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Melissa Herrera, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Rhyleigh Johnson, Associate of Applied Science-Nursing; Jacob Quarles, Associate of Applied Science-Electrical/Instrumentation Technician & Instrumentation Specialist; Haley Rosales, Associate of Arts; Caroline Spaeth, Associate of Science; Shubham Suthar, Associate of Science

· Kaley Chavez, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Chelsea Ruth, Vocational Nursing Certificate; Sydney Seicko, Associate of Arts

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