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Regions believes that financial education leads to empowerment

A survey was conducted toward the end of 2020 with the prospect of spurring people to begin thinking about their financial resolutions for 2021. The results showed that almost 1 in 3 of the respondents wanted to focus more on more self-care or saving more than usual, said Pryor.

The way to do this is to pay yourself first, Pryor stated. As one gets paid, she said to make sure you set a certain amount aside with every paycheck. Consistency and letting it build is key. After that, you look at the money you have remaining to spend on your bills (basic necessities).

“Another interesting thing we saw was about 28-30 percent was going to focus on no more FOMO (fear of missing out). The need to keep up with the Jones’ or all my friends are doing this so, therefore, I need to spend this money on this or that,” she said.

“Any time is the right time to start thinking about getting your financial house in order. As you are thinking about your goals and habits, your physical well-being and one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get healthy, so your financial health goes right along with it.”


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