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Faculty-Librarian Collaborations: Integrating the Information Literacy Framework into Disciplinary Courses

Michael Stöpel

Livia Piotto and Christine Furno

Section I: Chapters
Chapter 1. Designing a Collaborative Learning Experience around the Framework
Xan Goodman and Samantha Godbey

Chapter 2. Insights into Faculty-Librarian Collaborations around the Framework: Findings from the 2018 Co-design Survey
Michael Stöpel, Livia Piotto, Christine Furno, Krasimir Spasov, and Tatev Zargaryan

Section II: Case Studies
Case Study 1. Revising the Syllabus: Integrating Information Literacy into a General Education History Course at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco
Paul M. Love, Jr. and Aziz El Hassani

Case Study 2. Developing Marketing Plans and the Beauty of Research
Meaghan Scott Seyve and Michael Stöpel

Case Study 3. Integrating Information Literacy in a Communication Writing Course
Antonio Lopez, Livia Piotto, and Elizabeth Macias-Gutiérrez

Case Study 4. Teaching Information Literacy in Kuwait: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Recommendations
Stavros P. Hadjisolomou

Case Study 5. Amalia y Yo: A Case Study Using the ACRL Framework in the Specific Context of the FirstBridge Information Literacy Program at the American University of Paris
Jorge F. Sosa

Case Study 6. Co-designing an Information Literacy Experience for Non-textual Assignments in a Public Speaking Course
Ivana Stevanović

Case Study 7. Redesigning a Writing-Intensive Graduate Course: An Information Literacy Case Study at AUB
Najla Jarkas and Fatmeh Charafeddine

Case Study 8. Co-designing and Beyond: The Evolution of the AUBG Information Literacy Program as Inspired by the ACRL Framework
Krasimir Spasov

Section III: Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan 1. Getting Started with Graduate Research
Fatmeh Charafeddine

Lesson Plan 2. Identifying Information Sources
Tatev Zargaryan

Lesson Plan 3. Exploring Creativity, Innovation, and Invention
Jorge F. Sosa

Lesson Plan 4. Evaluating News through the Exploration of Bias
Livia Piotto

Lesson Plan 5. The Beauty of Research
Michael Stöpel

Lesson Plan 6. You Are the Jury
Michael Stöpel

Lesson Plan 7. Fear Not the Oral Communication Courses: Information Literacy in a Less Traditional Context
Ivana Stevanović

Lesson Plan 8. What’s behind That?: Facts and Statistics Supporting Public Service Announcements
Livia Piotto

Lesson Plan 9. Research in the Discipline
Fatmeh Charafeddine

Lesson Plan 10. A Historical Experiment in Historic Time: A Collaborative Effort toward a Different Information Literacy Experience
Ivana Stevanović

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