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STC (an Artemis company) Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of IJ Research

IJ Research, Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in applications that include electrical feedthroughs and opto-electronic windows, along with various ceramic-to-metal seals and bonds. The firm provides a broad range of services for clients with demanding engineering requirements, including conceptual design, research and development, materials selection consulting, and prototyping through to manufacturing.

Olly Forrer, Vice President at Artemis, weighed in on the acquisition saying, “IJR’s brazing and sealing capabilities will serve to extend STC’s technical ceramic capabilities. Their unique ceramic-to-metal sealing and sapphire-to-metal brazing speciality will enhance STC’s ability to satisfy a more diverse spectrum of their customers’ needs in terms of reliability, tolerance, and durability. Artemis is optimistic regarding the continued growth of this ceramic technology platform.”

Artemis, having acquired STC in 2018, worked hand and hand with the management team to implement an overall strategic plan for the business centered around STC’s customer-centric foundation, a passion for applications engineering, and materials science capabilities. The entire team is excited to welcome IJR into the STC family with a deep appreciation for the opportunity to continue the legacy of IJR, built by Mr. Yoon and his team.

“We are excited to be a part of STC,” said Dr. Rick Yoon, former CEO & owner of IJ Research.  “The firms are a natural fit in many ways, as we both share similar cultures, each with a deep respect for engineering talent, a nimble working style and a shared vision for customer-centric servicing. The fact that we share work with customers in many of the same markets illustrates the opportunities that now exist for integrated offerings and mutual growth.”  

Critical Point Partners advised Artemis and STC on the successful acquisition of IJ Research.

About IJ Research:  
IJ Research is a manufacturing company based in Santa Anna California specializing in ceramic-to-metal seals and bonds, which are used in various applications, but are commonly deployed in electrical feedthroughs and opto-electronic windows. The firm offers a broad range of services that include design assistance, material selection consultation, prototyping and production to customers across a wide range of applications. Industries the firm serves include medical, aerospace, defense, oil, and telecommunications, with applications that include microwave windows, biomedical electrical connectors, optical lenses, as well as components for nuclear facilities, x-ray machines and X band radars. For more information on IJ Research, please visit:

About STC:  
Leveraging over one hundred and twenty years of expertise, STC delivers unique technical ceramic solutions to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, analytical instrumentation, energy, oil and gas, semiconductor, and more. The firm hosts over 135,000 square feet of manufacturing space in northern Vermont, and has earned numerous certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certificates, along with ITAR registration, and REACH and RoHS compliance. The firm provides innovative, customer-centric solutions to the world’s most discerning and exacting manufacturers. For more information on Superior Technical Ceramics, please visit:

SOURCE Artemis Capital Partners

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