Fraudsters targeting people looking for jobs in health care

An alarming new fraud scheme is targeting people looking for jobs in health care.

Fraudsters are posing as recruiters from Grand River Hospital.

A CTV viewer was sent a job offer on Monday morning with nearly 20 pages of details, salary description, job duties and logos. It even included names of actual hospital employees, but officials said it’s a fake.

A screenshot of a document

A screenshot of a document that was a fraudulent job offer (Supplied)

“They are not actual documents that we have sent out, nor a job offer that we have provided,” said Jennifer O’Brien with Grand River Hospital.

One clue is the email address, which doesn’t match the one given on the hospital’s website.

The viewer said they applied for the job through Indeed, had an email interview and was offered the job four days later.

O’Brien said the hospital does advertise postings on sites like Indeed, but all applications need to go through the hospital’s website.

“If people are feeling unsure, the best thing to do is call and ask whether or not Grand River Hospital has made that job offer and to call the HR department here. Don’t call the number that’s been provided,” she said.

The email asked for government-issued ID, proof of address and banking information.

Waterloo regional police said that’s enough to steal your identity.

“It’s all about greed, money,” said Det. Const. Dan Cimermancic. “They want your money. That’s ultimately what it is, they are very ruthless. What they can do with the information is apply for credit in your name.”

Jeff Thomson, senior RCMP intelligence analyst with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, said this is happening to a lot of companies. Last year, there were more than 2,000 job scams and people reported $2.6 million in losses.

“A number of people have been put out of work right now, they’re going to be online looking for jobs, so it’s certainly a ripe environment,” Thomson said.

In December, Canada’s unemployment rate was at 8.8 per cent.

“It’s so disappointing that people would choose to do this at a time when there’s so much financial loss for individuals and even more so when it targets a hospital and people trying to help the COVID response,” O’Brien said.

The viewer who shared the job offer said they suspected something was wrong and didn’t share any personal information.

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