NEW: Rhode Island’s Vaccination Sign Up Website Goes Live

Tuesday, February 02, 2021


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The State of Rhode Island’s new online signup tool for vaccinations is now live.

The site can be found here and will allow Rhode Islanders to register for vaccinations. Some have already signed up.

The site was developed by ClinicWizard Inc. — a division of Multi-State Partnership for Prevention, which is a subsidiary of the Maryland Partnership for Prevention.


The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) identified Prepmod — the sister technology of ClinicWizard which was identified in the department’s highly questionable plan submitted to CDC in October. A GoLocal investigation unveiled the numerous errors in the state’s plan.

RIDOH has refused to provide an updated copy of the updated CDC plan or the agency’s vaccination plan.

The state’s plan submitted in October stated, “Vaccine reporting during the COVID-19 response requires numerous new and existing systems to exchange data. During H1N1, enrolled providers did not use the online vaccine reporting system as RIDOH intended as it was a manual process and providers often did not submit data as requested. Given that the adult immunization registry in Rhode Island is new, some providers are being on boarded for the first time and those that do not have the capacity to submit HL7 files to the registry will use PrepMod, which is also new.”

According to the state’s plan, “Training for vaccination sites that will be using the PrepMod system is provided through the PrepMod vendor and coordinated through the Training Coordinator in RIDOH’s Immunization Program. The Training Coordinator is the liaison for all vaccination sites and assists with scheduling trainings and addressing any additional training needs. Trainings will be provided online to all administrative staff who will be utilizing the system. Mass vaccinators, MV Workgroup personnel and other State staff, and hospitals that will be using PrepMod will be trained within the next month.

And, RIDOH wrote, “The vendor who developed and supports PrepMod is aware of CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine data requirements and is working to adapt the system to ensure that it meets all necessary data collection and reporting requirements. RIDOH will upload COVID Provider enrollment files to CDC twice weekly, as required in a CSV file based on data in a PrepMod extract file.”

According to RIDOH, “Reports can be run in RICAIR [Rhode Island Child and Adult Immunization Registry] down to the provider level to monitor doses administered. PrepMod includes a real-time inventory tracking feature.

“In the event PrepMod is entirely inaccessible, Rhode Island may revert to paper-based recording, including those processes referenced in the Rhode Island Medical Emergency Distribution System Plan (maintained by RIDOH).”



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