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Hodges University offers quick business certificates



Hodges University is offering three new business certifications that can be completed in one semester: bookkeeping, risk management and tax preparation.

“These certificates are especially useful for career-changers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and those who want to sharpen their skills in these areas,” said Dr. John Meyer, president of Hodges University. “Since most of our students are working adults, the format is designed to be especially convenient for them.”

Each certificate is offered as a Technology Enhanced Classroom format. Each time a TEC class meets, each student has the option of attending on campus, live online, or another time online, anytime during the week. Each program is 16 credits, and includes a Hodges’ CORE Plus 4 course, which means students pay for 12 credits and the last four credits are offered in a self-paced, online class at no charge. Plus, each program prepares students to take the relevant certification exam.

Because these certificates are credit bearing, they can be applied toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. Additionally, students may qualify for grants and scholarships.



For more information about the certificates, visit pathways. programs/.

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