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eccenca and Ontotext Partner to Advance Enterprise Data Management

Highlights the cooperation of knowledge graph tech heavyweights eccenca and Ontotext

eccenca & Ontotext cooperate to create advanced enterprise data management solutions

Shows interface of the workflow editor of eccenca Corporate Memory, examplifying the ability to connect the dots of data sources, processes and related metadata in one tool

Connecting the dots of data sources, processes and related metadata in one tool

Integration of Ontotext GraphDB and eccenca Corporate Memory powers new capabilities and performance boost

Knowledge graph solutions are the basis for advanced automation and AI.”

— Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO eccenca

LEIPZIG, GERMANY, February 2, 2021 / — The leading semantic technology providers eccenca (developer of Corporate Memory) and Ontotext (developer of GraphDBTM) partner to facilitate semantic technology for business use cases. eccenca integrates the semantic graph database GraphDB into its flagship software eccenca Corporate Memory.

Ontotext and eccenca have teamed up to boost the value of semantic technologies by jointly creating vertical and horizontal enterprise data solutions.

“eccenca offers one of the markets most mature knowledge graph based life cycle management solutions”, Ontotext CEO Atanas Kiryakov explains the partnership with eccenca. “Its focus and dedication to automation use cases in manufacturing industries is bringing the benefits of knowledge graph technology to the supply chain and the shop floor. Building on eccenca’s unique focus on process automation, we are jointly going to expand our offering into IT landscape automation to help organizations unify automation of security, network, cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures.”

eccenca Corporate Memory provides a multi-disciplinary integrative platform for managing enterprise data and its related rules, constraints, capabilities and configurations in a single application. The highly extensible, interoperable enterprise knowledge graph platform re-establishes global data transparency in enterprises as well as line-of-business ownership to a complex and dynamic data environment. By making enterprise data both machine-readable and human-interpretable, enterprises are enabled to drive agility, autonomy and automation without disrupting existing IT infrastructures.

GraphDB is an enterprise-ready semantic graph database engine combined with content and data analytics capabilities. GraphDB allows users to link diverse data, index it for semantic search and enrich it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs. GraphDB’s differentiators include comprehensive integration with full-text search engines (Elasticsearch, SOLR and Lucene) and document databases (MongoDB), high-availability cluster architecture proven in business critical deployments spanning across multiple data centers and continents. It also provides efficient reasoning support and numerous analytics plug-ins including semantic similarity via graph- and word-embedding, RDF Rank that determines the importance of the nodes, based on the PageRank algorithm, spatial primitives (e.g. nearby) and others.

“Ontotext has been a thought leader in our industry for more than a decade”, explains Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO of eccenca. “Their graph database provides market leading technology both for scalability and performance. Most importantly, Ontotext has matured from providing a mere tech vision to providing a strategy for next generation industry solutions in publishing and life science. It is time for semantic technology to mature from being a technology play to actually becoming a value enabler for industry solutions.”

Together the two companies are now offering one of the industry’s most complete and most mature knowledge graph technology stack. They also provide a broad portfolio of custom industry solutions including Healthcare, Pharma, Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services and IT Management. The joint eco-system of Ontotext and eccenca also provides a unique ability to globally deliver custom solutions. Leading consulting partners of both companies include ATOS, BearingPoint, Capgemini, Deloitte, Fujitsu, InfoSys, NTT Data (Everis), MHP, PWC, Tata and Wipro.

“The combination of both platforms and our strong partner network will allow enterprises to choose knowledge graph technology with confidence and build the next generation of their solutions”, Hans-Christian Brockmann adds. “On an operational level, users of eccenca Corporate Memory and GraphDB will be able to handle extremely large data volumes and complex modelling tasks. The virtualization capabilities of GraphDB also support our mission to make enterprise data and knowledge graphs absolutely transparent for every user. Knowledge graph technology allows us to model the most complex and intricate business rules and expert knowledge in a way that is scalable and digitally reusable. Thus it is the basis for advanced automation and AI.”

Both companies have been enabling enterprises for over a decade to overcome complexity by digitally documenting and automating knowledge management. In 2020, GraphDB was shortlisted as a significant graph database vendor by Forrester Wave while eccenca was named sample vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twins by Gartner Inc. The partnership will enable enterprises to realize the potential of business digital twins by leveraging knowledge-enabled automation.

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