Acute Heart Failure: Validating DRGs and Clinical Documentation Webcast

Acute heart failure is quite common among hospitalized patients, yet it’s often difficult for coders and clinical documentation integrity (CDI) specialists to recognize and fully understand. No big deal? Wrong. This knowledge deficiency makes your facility a potential target for payer DRG and clinical validation, and it increases your risk of adverse auditor action.

During this ICD10monitor webcast, physician and health information management expert Dr. Beth Wolf will help you make sense of acute heart failure. Her presentation will cover what it is and what it isn’t — not all volume overload or congestion is acute heart failure, and not every acute heart failure patient presents with pulmonary edema causing respiratory distress.

In addition, Dr. Wolf will provide the guidance you need to ensure that your clinical documentation completely and compliantly supports an acute heart failure diagnosis. Because you may need clarification or additional detail to achieve this goal, you’ll also learn how to write an appropriate post-discharge query.

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Why This is Relevant:

The credibility of codified clinical data for acute heart failure is directly tied to the reimbursement your facility can justifiably receive. It also speaks to quality of care, including 30-day mortality and readmissions. And, let’s be clear: Auditors recognize — and are poised to act upon — clinical inconsistencies in acute heart failure documentation and coding.

Through this webcast, your coders, CDI specialists and others will acquire a deeper understanding of the various clinical aspects of acute heart failure, strengthening your documentation, your ICD-10-CM coding and your ability to consistently capture and keep the full, appropriate payment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of acute heart failure on hospitalized patients
  • Recognize the common causes and presentations of acute heart failure
  • Know when a query for clinical criteria or clinical significance is required
  • Be able to compose an effective, compliant validation query for acute heart failure cases

Who Should Attend:

Inpatient coders, CDI specialists, physician advisors, HIM professionals and auditors.

Webcast Access Privileges: Only one login is allowed per webcast purchased. Discounted pricing for additional registrants is available. For more information about webcast pricing and requirements, click here.

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