Idaho Health Data Exchange announces mental health and substance use data initiative | News

BOISE — On Jan. 27, Idaho Health Data Exchange, Idaho’s statewide health information exchange, announced a new partnership with Leap Orbit to implement its consentric granular consent management toolkit built on HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources specification. The partnership will enable the exchange to expand its health information exchange network and services to behavioral health providers, facilitate sharing of mental health and substance use disorder information with patient approval, and improve coordination across the continuum of care.

The partnership reflects the broader trend in healthcare to treat the whole person by integrating behavioral health services with the physical healthcare infrastructure. With increased awareness, investments, and solutions to better address mental health and substance use disorder across the sector, the exchange’s partnership with Leap Orbit signifies a shift toward whole-person healthcare.

Leap Orbit’s Consentric toolkit enables healthcare organizations to rapidly configure and deploy streamlined digital consent workflows, which will be made widely available to exchange users via initial integrations with its clinical portal and master patient index. As a result, clinicians across Idaho will be able to obtain patient consent quickly and easily during any patient encounter. 

To maintain patient privacy preferences and safeguard sensitive health information, patients will be able to choose from several data sharing profiles that address their medical and behavioral health information.

“Given the sensitive nature of behavioral health data, it is paramount that [the exchange] addresses barriers to the appropriate sharing of mental health and [substance use disorder] information,” said Hans Kastensmith, Executive Director of the exchange. “[The exchange’s] partnership with Leap Orbit will allow our users to easily manage a patient’s privacy preferences as they are working in the patient record.”

“As we begin 2021, COVID-19 remains at the top of everyone’s priority list. However, other public health priorities cannot be ignored, including a meaningful increase in drug overdose deaths arising from ongoing economic uncertainty, social isolation, and restricted access to [substance use disorder] treatment services,” said David Finney, Leap Orbit Co-founder and Partner. “We’re proud to be working with [the exchange] to support their vital work to address mental health and SUD-related morbidity and mortality.”

The exchange and Leap Orbit’s new partnership will modernize existing paper-based consent processes and ensure compliance with HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2, and other federal and state privacy laws. The collaboration also positions the exchange to create new provider-mediated and patient-facing consent workflows as necessary to pursue other data exchange scenarios that align with its commitment to improving the medical, behavioral, and social well-being of all Idahoans.

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