Sun Genomics on personalized probiotics

While the area is still young and growing, Sunny Jain, CEO and founder of Sun Genomics, said eventually microbiome diagnostics will be widely accepted.

“In another five years we should see this as standard of care, with every child born receiving a microbiome analysis, and they’ll probably be staged every three weeks or a month at checkups and would be receiving microbiome analysis. And that will be really important in understanding where your microbiome is sort of faded. They say the first thousand days of life are so critical to your gut microbiome maturing and then it kind of gets locked in and it becomes harder to change and modulate. That’s I believe where things are really going to pick up in the next five years,” ​said Jain.

The company created a feedback loop to allow customers to retest and improve their microflora over time.

Jain said the company also has the largest longitudinal dataset and it continues to grow along with interest in gut health.

Over those last five years, there’s been an increase in the annual publications related to the microbiome and it’s touched every sector of human biology, which to me is just fascinating. This used to be in a microbiologist’s world —  plating microbes in a petri dish and trying to identify colonies and their morphology. It is now in every area of science. If you’re an internal medicine doctor, if you’re a gastroenterologist, if you’re a functional medicine doctor, if you are just doing research on neurobiology, you are studying the microbiome, and that to me is fascinating and it just shows the power and the importance of microbiome.”

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