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Praxis Business School is launching its Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering in association with Knowledge Partners

BANGALORE, India, Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Praxis Business School is launching its Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering, in association with knowledge partners Genpact and LatentView Analytics, to cater to the galloping demand for industry-ready data engineering resources. This 6-months full-time industry endorsed PG program will be delivered from the Praxis Bangalore campus and aims at providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience and placement assistance for a lift-off into a successful and recession-proof career.

Data Engineering has emerged as a top career in today’s data driven world. The Data Engineering market size in India is expected to grow 4 times in the next 5 years to reach $ 42.3 billion by 2025 – a whopping 41% of the Global Data Engineering services market. According to the DICE report, Data Engineering was the fastest growing career in 2019 at 45% growth.

The program at Praxis is aimed at addressing this industry requirement, globally and in India. For career seekers, data engineering offers immense opportunities as demand far outstrips supply. It’s an exciting, new-age career – data engineers manage the data of large enterprises – they construct and oversee database architecture; they determine how data is collected and stored; they create the pipelines that transform raw data into useful formats for analysis. For doing all this, they need to have a range of skill-sets – from conceptual clarity to hands-on experience with tools, deep understanding of Big Data and Cloud technologies, and an appreciation of business problems and analytics.

Prof. Charanpreet Singh, Founder and Director of Praxis Business Foundation, said, “Praxis has been a leader in creating industry-ready resources for Data Science over the last decade. With the incredible increase in the generation of data, the speed of communication and the formulation of new tools and algorithms for analytics, data engineering roles have evolved tremendously over this period. The supply has just not been able to keep pace with the demand; this is why Praxis has again taken the lead to create the nation’s first full-time post graduate program in data engineering. We are fortunate to have Genpact and LatentView, with their enormous experience in this field, to support and guide us. This is a great time to be a data engineer, and the Praxis program will ensure that you get all the knowledge and skills you need to become one.”

“At Genpact, our work with leading enterprises around the world, has taught us that laying a good data foundation requires a few key components, and talent is one of the most critical factors,” said Sidharth Reddy, Data and Advanced Analytics Leader, Banking and Capital Markets, Genpact. “Through this partnership, we aim at nurturing a new generation of students who can apply their theoretical knowledge on data engineering, big data management, data governance, data cognition engines and more, to solve real world business challenges.”

According to Mr. Ramesh Hariharan, Co-founder and Director of Data Engineering at LatentView Analytics, “In the emerging era, AI will simplify any decision-making. Engineering the right type of data platforms would be a key differentiator! Leading scalable data engineering initiatives will be critical for successful analytics transformation. Praxis is best positioned to offer the best of both worlds (data science & data engineering) and provide the right curriculum to be future ready!”

Program Highlights:

Praxis offers a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum co-developed by Genpact and LatentView Analytics and delivered by domain leaders and senior practitioners. It comprises modules on understanding the legacy tools and technologies for Data Management & Data Modelling as well as on the paradigm of Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing. Participants will get hands-on exposure on ETL Concepts, Unix/ Linux, Python, Streaming Analytics on Hadoop, MapReduce, SQL & NoSQL using Devops. A highlight of the program is the Capstone project that sees them taking data from a Legacy system and migrating it to a big-data platform hosted on the Cloud. The renowned Praxis Placement Program manages the transition of the students to a successful Data Engineering career.

Prof. Dr. Sourav Saha, Dean – Academics at Praxis Business School said “The digital era has created a new benchmark for successful Organization whose reputation today is determined not only on revenue but also on the amount of Data they handle and process. This is where the Data Engineers take the centre stage with the knowledge of the Cloud Computing platforms, tools and techniques for ensuring the assimilation, storage and processing of Big Data. Today, as the human civilization prepares at creating unprecedented value through Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Data Engineers ensure the continuous fuel for AI, i.e. Data. I am excited at the career potential of the Data Engineering graduates coming out of the program and look forward to seeing them contributing to a better future for everyone.”

Who can join this program: People who understand tech and like working in tech; enjoy solving problems; are analytical in their approach; like working in collaborative teams; and thrive in positions of responsibility. Engineering, Science, BCA/ MCA graduates will find this an exciting area to work in.

About Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School is a premier institution with campuses in Kolkata and Bangalore. The name Praxis symbolizes the philosophy of the institute. The root of Praxis is Greek, meaning ‘to do’, or the practice of an art, science, or technical occupation. Praxis is committed to playing a significant role in creating a strong pool of resources who understand the interplay between data, technology and business. Praxis offers AICTE approved 2-years full-time  Post Graduate Diploma in Management, full-time Post-Graduate Program in Data Science, full-time Post-Graduate Program in Cyber Security and full-time Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering.    

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