Innovative DigiHealth Application Launches To Solve Global Data Problem

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6B, the UK-based health tech development agency, has worked on Archer, a complex Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project for IgniteData, the organisation that is shaping the future of clinical data, to create one of the UK’s first innovative DigiHealth Applications.

Backed by UK Government funding (Innovate UK), using state of the art technology to allow direct Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) transfer, cloud-based Archer will revolutionise the way that healthcare practices conduct clinical research to solve an ongoing and increasingly expensive global problem.

Developing a mapping engine that is capable of remotely accessing and transforming patient medical records, Archer will enable the automated delivery of accurate, tracked, and validated data to multiple applications.

This means that a process that would otherwise rely on manual data entry across thousands of patient records, will have the potential to deliver efficiencies for clinicians across the NHS and private practices.

As the functionality of the final product would rely on the global standardisation of millions of entries from patient records, 6B used HL7 FHIR, the latest and most widely used standard for healthcare data exchange.

After almost two-years of work for IgniteData and over a year of development from 6B, the final product will take data from healthcare records, and using complex technical coding, standardise the entries before sharing the information in the right format for each EDC.

Jack Mollart, Lead Developer on the project and Back-End Developer for 6B, comments: “When IgniteData approached us about the Archer project, we were immediately struck by the fact this app could change the way that clinicians and healthcare practices approach clinical studies forever.

“This was an intensive and detailed piece of work, but also an exciting brief to take on. Given the complexity and sensitivity of the data, it was essential that the focus on security was front and centre at every stage. There is no margin for error when you work on projects like this.

“Together with IgniteData, we have developed software that will significantly reduce the resource required to process data entry across millions of patient records globally. Rather than relying on manual processing, the Archer app will do much of the work for clinicians, so they can focus on what matters.”

Richard Yeatman, Chief Technical Officer at IgniteData, comments: “Up to 70 per cent of the data needed for clinical studies can be found in patient records, but the process is entirely manual. IgniteData’s on a mission to change that, to support NHS efficiencies and increase study delivery speed. We needed a solution that could be integrated into the systems used by each healthcare practice.

“We needed a phased product development that would take each stage and ensure that it was compliant and effective. Not only will Archer change the way that clinicians approach trials but also give them the ability to deliver outcomes quicker and with less reliance on administrative processes.

“Working with 6B has been a real partnership. It’s taken a great deal of work, patience, and expert collaboration to get us to this point. Becoming one of the UK’s first platforms to solve this problem is a real achievement for everyone involved in the development.”

Archer is now undergoing rigorous testing and approval by EHRs that will see it implemented into practice and installed in NHS and private systems. The product will be widely available in quarter one of 2021.

With a focus on quality of service and technological innovation, 6B is set on becoming a leading global force in digital delivery.

Continually expanding its client base in breadth and complexity, 6B has worked with several large private-sector clients including Candy Kittens and ITV, as well as ambitious start-ups such as Career Street and Trip Aid.

In addition, it has managed projects for public sector organisations including Public Health England, Bradford District Council, and a number of education and lifestyle bodies.

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