healthhistory.com Brings Good News to Healthcare For 2021 – Press Release

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(Business Wire)–Medicare has expanded 4-year health history data-sharing to healthcare providers with a patient treatment-related purpose with no requirement of participation in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or other value-based care program. Medicaid and Medicare Advantage health history will be released by July 2021.

healthhistory.com is the latest data point of care solution from Health Endeavors, a Medicare approved vendor and innovator of data solutions, used by leading health organizations since 2010 and is available to help healthcare providers integrate these datasets at the point of care. “We are pleased to bring our solutions, expertise, and capabilities to assist Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage in their transition to data-sharing in the EHR. healthhistory.com is available in both SAAS enterprise and single installation versions,” said Kris Gates, CEO, Health Endeavors.

healthhistory.com integrates the Medicare and Medicaid datasets in electronic health record (EHR) systems – where it matters most – in the healthcare team’s workflow. A complete and accurate health history in the EHR is more important than ever for providers and patients as COVID-19 has stretched healthcare teams to the limit. Valuable time will be saved by instead of asking patients to recall their vast list of medications and diagnoses and other history it will be a click away for the healthcare team in the EHR using healthhistory.com

Resulting efficiencies:

  • Medication reconciliations will take a fraction of the time as all data from all providers will be instantly presented at the point of care in the EHR using healthhistory.com
  • Patients and healthcare providers can now stop wasting time and resources assembling a complete health history and instead access 4-years of all encounters including diagnoses, medications, procedures, home health and others in the EHR using healthhistory.com
  • Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) quality reporting burden for healthcare providers will be significantly reduced as the availability of a 4-year health history is used by healthhistory.com to easily identify and report completed measures
  • HCC coding at the point of care using healthhistory.com to identify removed diagnosis and disease progression will assist providers with success in value-based care programs
  • Reduction in medical error is achieved using healthhistory.com as more accurate and complete health history is made available to healthcare providers

A patient’s complete and accurate health history is a critical component in achieving optimal health. However, often patients cannot recall their diagnoses, medications, or providers. This is when healthhistory.com steps in to assist by using claims data to populate a 4-year health history.

As a Medicare approved vendor, healthhistory.com has access to all encounters for the last 4 years. In July 2021, healthhistory.com will have direct access to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. healthhistory.com also processes HL7 lab, admit, discharge, transfer, self-insured employer, and commercial claims.

healthhistory.com understands past encounters are only one component of a person’s health history. It is easy to engage patients during virtual health encounters with healthhistory.com online interactive health history form, device data, online screenings such as social determinants and wellness text notifications to obtain a more comprehensive health history.

healthhistory.com makes it easy for patients and staff when onboarding patients as instead of patients recalling their vast Medicare health history, it pre-populates their account with their 4-year health history. No separate logins for healthcare teams are necessary as healthhistory.com is in the EHR.

About Health Endeavors

Health Endeavors is a health care technology company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, with one vision: put actionable data at the point of care to reduce healthcare provider burden. Health Endeavors is one of the largest providers of technology services to Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other value-based care programs. Health Endeavors’ solutions include healthhistory.com, Patient Lookup, Provider Profile and Network Performance. Learn more at https://www.healthendeavors.com/

Kris Gates, CEO, Health Endeavors


(480) 912-1209

Rod Dunmyre, Director of Business Development, Health Endeavors


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