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10 Hot Big Data Companies You Should Watch In 2021

The Ones To Watch In 2021

IDC estimates that the “global datasphere” in 2020—the total amount of data created and consumed during the year—reached 59 zettabytes and will continue to grow at a 26 percent CAGR through 2024.

Businesses and organizations are increasingly challenged to manage and govern all that data and find ways to collect, prepare and analyze it to derive analysis and insight that can guide business strategies and provide a competitive edge. Gartner estimates that data and analytics leaders are spending 36 percent of their time on data preparation and data integration, more than any other data management job.

To address those challenges, businesses can turn to a broad range of technologies and services from numerous big data companies—some still in startup mode and some that have been around for a while. Here’s a look at 10 big data companies that we will be keeping our eye on through 2021.



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