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WhatsApp moves forwards the date to accept its new terms to May 15


And Facebook is lying. If the policy is not changing why do you have to agree to it? Telegram is a better messaging app anyway, you can customize it more like change the color or chat bubbles.


Samath N8 808 owner, 1 hour agoHow come every now and then some Indian’s Whatsapp chat is leaked?
Whatsapp has a lot of… more
Move on to Telegram or Signal. WhatsApp committed blunders by not informing their users of the forced policy changed before rolling it out. This wasn’t appropriate and just too bad


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If the previous date was Feb 8 and the new date is May 15, they’re not moving the date forwards but backwards lol.

Who wrote this blog post? I wonder if TheVerge made the same mistake.


ethereal, 1 hour agoCredibility lost for once is lost forever.Absolutely I agreed with you!


ethereal, 54 minutes agoGSMA version:
“Anyway, Facebook isn’t changing its policy. The company is stressing… more
Hmm forget which version to believe policies and terms could be changed at any time. What happened here was WhatsApp realized their mistakes and now trying to correct the blunders when the company noticed that users like me have moved on to Telegram


ethereal, 54 minutes agoGSMA version:
“Anyway, Facebook isn’t changing its policy. The company is stressing… more
I think Gsmarena misunderstood what WhatsApp/FB means here.

As you quoted, it clearly says that we have to agree to the new terms to continue using the app. Otherwise, you will lose your access to your account.

Onething I don’t know, if we don’t agree to the new term, and we also do not delete our account, what will happen then?


WhatsApp caused the misinformation by themselves because the company should have sorted out the advice from their users before rolling out a forced agreement. A panic and rushed statement without consent of their users, myself planned to move on with Telegram or Signal


Anonymous, 1 hour agoThis is for catching spammers. Whatsapp is now filled with betting, loaning and tons of illega… moreYou’re not understanding. The problem is not that, on whatsapp servers my chats are mysteriously safe and on facebook ones they’ll cause me damage.

We don’t even give a damn about servers.

The thing is more about, why should our big data be combined? And when exactly did it combine? And did they take our permission before this?

Because, last I checked in 2016, they gave a 30 day window to escape combining data with FB, on which I withdrew my consent to allow data merge.

My last accepted terms are those from 2014, before Whatsapp purchase. So, when did the company ask me exactly, before merging the data?

I still get friend recommendations based on people I chat on whatsapp with. Why? Can anyone justifying FB explain this to me??

I’m sure this company did something illegal…


GSMA version:

“Anyway, Facebook isn’t changing its policy. The company is stressing the new changes are only relevant to those who interact with Business accounts and don’t impact other users.”

WA version:

“By tapping Agree, you accept the new terms and privacy policy, which take effect on February 8, 2021. After this date, you’ll *need* to accept these updates to *continue using WhatsApp*.”

So, which version is to be believed people?


This is for catching spammers. Whatsapp is now filled with betting, loaning and tons of illegal spammers, some are business use also, they did not use the WhatsApp for business.

So now with this new rule, they can map back to Facebook and catch these people

For normal people, it means little.. come on.. you already share so much on FB. Whats the diff?


Credibility lost for once is lost forever.


How come every now and then some Indian’s Whatsapp chat is leaked?

Whatsapp has a lot of explanation to do, if it claims that “no one, not even whatsapp can read the sent messages”.

Secondly, the author’s caim that many were panicked because they didn’t know Whatsapp belongs to FB is not accurate. Whatsapp has been informing users from time to time, including with the text “from FACEBOOK” on its app.

The problem is that we don’t want our payments and other data to be combined with profile data from FB. As you claim the update won’t change anything of it, then as a user, I have a right to ask, What is changing? Why’re we required to agree to these terms then?

Have the changes occurred before our agreement, then its the company at fault, not us.

And why are they combining the big data about us, whether it was done in 2016 or 20? We don’t want it, isn’t the intention clear?

Best is to make Whatsapp payable again, but that’s what they don’t want to do. They know they’ll get erased.

I dare them to make Whatsapp payable again. In fact, I encourage. Then all these tomdickharrys on my whatsapp will move to signal and telegram.


Too smart becomes damn stupid desition boss fb .2,4billion user WhatsApp, now signal 11 million users, telegram 88 million users, 15 th may how many users Whatsapp?, Just see signal and telegram, if telegram has reach 100million users next week…. Wow it’s a big threat for WhatsApp, if signal has the same features like WhatsApp….wow it’s ready users to delete account WhatsApp.


Why would Whatsapp want to monitor my battery percentage. Maybe to deliberately drain my batterygate. Doesn’t make sense. I need an explanation from Whatsapp or I’m never returning for good.


DrakeX, 2 hours agoPeople need to stop with the fearmongering / slandering of WhatsApp’s privacy policies su… morenah, let people continue with the fearmongering. At least, this time is justified. Facebook has enough data and control already. They dont need anymore. They have shown in the past they are not reliable at all.


Give me a big bucket of salt and Doubt (X) right here, please.

Yeah, we all know this is just Facebook trying to save face (remember that one time when they said they never sold user’s data, and then, Cambridge analytic scandal happened? Yeah, fun times).

So, continue with the hysteria. Facebook doesn’t gives us a penny for using their stuff and there are plenty of other ships in the sea with better options out there.


People need to stop with the fearmongering / slandering of WhatsApp’s privacy policies such as Facebook being able to see what links you post to create personalised ads and WhatsApp accounts being deleted if you don’t accept it. It lead to a point where WhatsApp had to explain the situation. If people really cared about their privacy, they would’ve switch years ago as WhatsApp has been sharing metadata since August 2016, that is if you opt-in. It seems the checkbox is now gone for me so you’re already opt-in when using WhatsApp. However, it’s good to see people are finally trying out Signal and Telegram which are better alternatives. Personally, I haven’t made the switch yet as not all my contacts have.


Deleted my Whatsapp account already. Not looking back. For Facebook I use the browser not app. Maybe I will start using Whatsapp Web too. No data collection apps in my phone monitoring everything including battery percentage 😂


fk u whatsapp scared, so u delay the agreement because decreasing number of users 🤔

me afraid my whatsapp data shared to facebook, im afraid that will informs all my fb friends that i has 2 whatsapp.

(i dont know maybe like that). But better get moving to telegram.


lol for business only? why didn’t they say when the pop up appeared? not people who misunderstand but whatsapp does not tell them.

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