Tech-enabled bank system launches new platform to give NHS trusts control over workforce data

Tech-enabled bank service Patchwork has launched an insights platform to give health organisations power over their data. 
The new platform, Patchwork Insights, makes sense of the mass of temporary staffing data most organisations have, and unlocks real-time insights and intuitive reporting to enable more effective, data-driven decision making. 

Patchwork is already working with 14 NHS trusts, across 27 UK sites, which will all gain access to the new live platform. It is also offering complimentary bankhealth checks to healthcare organisations. 


The platform aims to bring flexible working to healthcare by offering a range of features, tailored to the requirements of each organisation, including financial dashboards to allow organisations to keep better track of actual and forecasted spend, and the likelihood of meeting targets, so they can efficiently manage their budgets. 
Its technology comprises two parts; a locum app connecting clinicians directly with local and collaborative staff banks and an employer hub used by NHS managers to run the entire temp staffing process from start to finish whilst accessing data and insights.

Temp staffing performance indicators allow managers to assess potential ward cover issues, as well as monitoring how well the organisation is adhering to recruitment targets and best practice NHS Improvement standards. Performance can also be compared and contrasted across organisations, to identify best practice. 

Patchwork’s team of workforce data specialists monitor the insights at each organisation and provide ongoing coaching and tailored recommendations. 

Patchwork was one of 20 innovators chosen to take part in this year’s DigitalHealth.London accelerator programme, in an effort to speed up adoption and spread of innovation across the NHS.

In a press release, Patchwork said that it has grown the staff bank at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust from 250 to 1700 clinicians, saving £1.2m in agency fees.

Dr Anas Nader, NHS doctor and CEO of Patchwork, said: “For far too long, healthcare organisations have had no option but to rely on ambiguous, piecemeal information and basic data reporting to devise entire temporary staffing strategies. The ambiguity stops here. With Patchwork Insights, we equip organisations with the right tools and sufficient knowledge so they can plan earlier and more effectively.
“Ultimately, the platform will help organisations to transform their temporary staffing function and introduce data-led decision making; saving money, freeing up time and improving patient safety.” 

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