Microsoft, Oracle and other companies join forces to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport

Microsoft, Salesforce and other businesses and nonprofits announced an initiative to create a digital vaccination passport. Known as the Vaccination Credentials Initiative (VCI), this alliance seeks to develop technology so that people vaccinated against COVID-19 Get an encrypted digital copy of your immunization records.

The coalition develop a standard model for health organizations administering COVID-19 vaccines. In this way, users could access your immunization records and store them in Apple Wallet, Google Pay Send or the digital wallet of your choice.

Current immunization record systems do not support access to or sharing of verifiable records. The VCI proposes to use open and interoperable standards like the W3C Verifiable Credential and the HL7 FHIR. In this way, health organizations would provide people with digital access to their vaccination records through SMART health cards.

COVID-19 vaccination passports would be indispensable in the new normal

In practical terms, users would connect their digital wallet to a laboratory or healthcare organization account. Later the people would store a card stating that he is vaccinated, which could be shared by means of a QR code to be scanned when requested.

The idea of ​​a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport has been on the radar of many countries for months. The VCI is noted as the first important alliance to materialize the project in the near future. The use of these digital cards would become an essential requirement to travel or return to their activities once they are vaccinated.

The Commons Project Foundation, part of the VCI, developed CommonPass, an app that stores COVID-19 test results. This application, currently in the testing phase, accepts health records, PCR test results and vaccination.

The Immunization Credentials Initiative seeks to ensure that everyone has access to verification, including underserved populations. Those who do not have a smartphone can print the QR code and present it when prompted.

The VCI is made up of the CARIN Alliance, Cerner, Change Healthcare, The Commons Project Foundation, Epic, Evernorth, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, MITER, Oracle, Safe Health and Salesforce.

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