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CES 2021 P-Waver Combines Big Data and AI to Build Earthquake Early Warning System for Taiwan Government and High Tech Industry

P-Waver is based in Taiwan, an island located along the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Western Pacific that experiences over 18,000 earthquakes annually. Started in 2010, Pei-Yang Lin and his team have used big data and AI technology to create an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) model that, after successful on-site lab validation, has been installed and used by the government, institutions, and international SI Partners. P-Waver’s services also cover structural safety monitoring systems, earthquake disaster prevention consulting, and smart security solutions delivered via IOT devices or control systems for buildings and homes. As a member of the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) program, P-Waver is working toward preventing seismic hazards across a market area spanning two billion people and three billion businesses.

A Niche Space Focused on Protecting Human Life

In today’s socio-economic system, facilities increasingly incorporate built-in technologies. When an earthquake strikes, healthcare, transportation, security, and energy industries are at high risk of damage and disruption. In industries like precision manufacturing, it is crucial to implement soft stops of technical operations in emergency situations to reduce losses and speed up the recovery process. High speed rail also benefits from EEW systems by facilitating early braking, which enhances comprehensive safety management capabilities. EEW technology is a crucial component of current societal infrastructures, reducing the potential impact of earthquakes on daily life and the economy. 

P-Waver constructed their EEW system based on earthquake data from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau and AI technology, which includes over 250,000 earthquake models. With 1-3 seconds of P-wave detection, the subsequent earthquake can be estimated immediately. This warning provides an additional 5-15 seconds of early warning time for regions located 30-100km from the epicenter. In order to prevent false alarms, P-Waver installs multiple sensors to detect the initial wave. Data are processed using AI to detect its peak P-wave, and advanced trigger logic gives this EEW system a prediction accuracy as high as 98%.

P-Waver Is the Solution for Smart City Seismic Hazard Control

Over the past decade, P-Waver has provided earthquake early warning systems for thousands of schools, science parks, and semiconductor plants. They have provided their services to global tier-1 companies, including Taiwan High Speed Rail, TSMC, and AGC. Potential future customers include automation plants, power plant facilities, hospitals, reservoirs, and smart-building construction firms.

P-Waver is also targeting future collaboration opportunities. One area of interest is to expand their innovative EEW technology into smart city developments, which motivated their participation in CES. Their ambition is to approach smart city developers in the United States such as Intel, Micron, Tesla, and Honeywell as well as link up with partners in another regions to be a part of their future smart city developments as a provider of disaster safety management system solutions. P-Waver is also seeking new investor partners interested in security solutions for smart cities, smart homes, and AI Driven SaaS business models.

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