Global women-only telemedicine initiative launched by the UAE

A telemedicine initiative aimed at providing free diagnosis, treatment, and preventive services for women around the world has been unveiled by a United Arab Emirates humanitarian organisation.

Spearheaded by the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Volunteering Programme, the scheme will see the launch of several women-only telemedicine clinics around the world, offering specialist care and medical consultations remotely for those in need. The initiative is being supervised by Emirati volunteer doctors from the Young Emirati Volunteer Leaders Initiative. Also involved are the not-for-profit Zayed Giving Initiative and General Women’s Union (GWU).


The global launch follows a successful pilot trial that took place locally, which explored various digital solutions to improve women’s health, the organisation said.

Commenting on the local trial at the time, Noura Al Ali, director of the Telemedicine Women and Child Clinic explained that it included “an integrated medical examination for women and children [with] a comprehensive preventive examination and examination of vital signs, a cardiac and lung examination, in addition to complete health awareness programs that include how to care for health.”

Meanwhile, Al Anoud Al Ajami, executive director of the Zayed Giving Initiative confirmed that it is the “first virtual platform of its kind to provide treatment and preventative services for women,” with health advice and information provided by volunteer doctors specialised in various conditions, including that of COVID-19.

“Volunteer health teams will provide free health and awareness services to thousands of women through mobile telemedicine clinics, which are equipped with the latest medical equipment for early detection,” she added.


“The telemedicine initiative aims to ideally employ smart solutions in the areas of volunteer treatment and preventative services to combat chronic and viral diseases, stressing the keenness of the programme to develop innovative action tools and smart services, in line with various conditions,” stated Noura Khalifa Al Suwaidi, secretary-general of GWU. “Women’s and children’s care are being prioritised by Sheikha Fatima, who has launched humanitarian initiatives that provide women with the best healthcare services around the world.”

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