Withings and Redox launch remote EMR solution | Article

Healthcare electronics company Withings has partnered with Redox to help integrate electronic health records (EHR) with healthcare products and services. 

The partnership is producing MED·PRO CARE, a remote patient monitoring solution that’s compatible with different EHRs. 

The MED·PRO CARE solution has been designed to require minimal effort to set up. Withings have also created a plug and play cellular gateway called the Data HUB specifically for MED·PRO CARE, so that healthcare providers can deliver devices to patients that require no daily management.

Clinicians can now order the connected health devices directly to their patients through their EHR. Patients can use their Withings devices to monitor and track their health in their traditional home environments while their physicians access and analyze their data seamlessly through Redox. The solution is HIPAA-compliant and uses HL7 international standards.

“Withings has one of the largest portfolios of medically-validated connected health devices available, as well as some of the highest user retention rates in the industry. With our partnership, physicians can easily send Withings devices to their patients and seamlessly monitor them remotely to gain valuable insights on daily habits and vitals,” said Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president, Redox. “Having access to the data Withings’ devices produces not only helps clinicians identify serious issues during telehealth visits but also improves long-term patient outcomes.”

Withings portfolio includes smart scales, watches, thermometers, and sleep and blood pressure monitors that capture more than 20 vital health parameters. These include health vitals such as blood pressure, ECG, weight, pulse wave velocity, heart rate, activity levels, sleep apnea, and sleep patterns.

“During the pandemic, the importance of remote patient monitoring soared. However, for its long term success and utilization to be assured, it must be simple for both physicians and their patients,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. 

“Our partnership with Redox means Withings now integrates into practically every EHR system allowing physicians and hospitals to easily send Withings devices to their patients and access insights into their daily blood pressure, weight, sleep patterns, heart rates, and more.

“With Redox’s one connection and our range of devices, designed to easily integrate into patients’ everyday lives, the entire process is effortless for all involved, and many of the common frictions associated with remote patient monitoring are removed.”

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