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JB&A Begins Distribution of IMT’s SoDA Data Management Software

JB&A will distribute IMT’s SoDA data management software.

By adding SoDA to its portfolio, JB&A’s 1500 channel partners now have access to a cutting-edge data management software application that can seamlessly integrate additional functionality into existing media asset management (MaM) products such as CatDV, IPV, Levels Beyond Reach Engine and Dalet Flex. Ideal for media and entertainment workflows and other unstructured data environments, SoDA provides predictive, actionable cost and data transfer metrics for optimizing on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud storage.

“Our partners have been clamoring for an agnostic platform that brings clarity to data insight and movement, and we are excited to add the data management platform SoDA to our portfolio and to be working with the CloudSoDA team,” says Nick Smith, JB&A Technology Vice President. “With SoDA, our partners can build a cost effective and simple data management solution saving them both time and money as all of the disparate tiers of storage can be aggregated and managed under a single application interface. This approach allows end users to go to market very quickly and deploy a solution that won’t waste the end-user’s budget on custom development.”

Designed to automate and simplify business operations, workflows and hybrid cloud data management, SoDA provides end users with the ability to set automation rules while streamlining content management across multiple storage tiers. SoDA is flexible and can be deployed with a supported MaM vendor or as a standalone solution. In addition, users can predict the cost and time required to move data to and from the cloud, enabling smart, informed cloud storage decisions before execution.

“With JB&A, we have found a distributor that shares our dedication to taking the complexity out of the true costs of data management on premises or in the cloud,” says Brian Morsch, Senior Vice President of Software Sales. “The VAR community is well-known for its strong long-term relationships with customers, and JB&A is influential to our success. By driving the SoDA solution to its partners, JB&A plays a critical role in building out SoDA’s sales channel within the media and entertainment space and other high profile vertical markets.”

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