Health Information Management From Two Point Of Views

What is Health Information Management (HIM)? HIM is the body of knowledge and practice that ensures the availability of health information to facilitate real-time health care delivery and critical health-related decision making for multiple purposes across diverse organizations, settings and disciplines. (Source: Abdelhak) What is Health Care Information? It is information about the wellness strategies, diseases, and conditions associated with treatment options. It is information about how to use the health care system. Who are the Health Information Management Professionals? They develop, implement and assess health records processing, storage and retrieval systems in medical facilities and other health care settings to meet the legal, professional, ethical and administrative records-keeping requirements of health services delivery. (Source: WHO, 2010) What is Electronic Health Records (EHR)? Patient records that are maintained electronically in a manner that is accessible to caregivers, the patient, and others who need access to specific information or to aggregate information to prevent illness and improve future illness. We, as HIM professionals, deal with Health Records and help other health professionals and non-health professionals (Statisticians) in access and interpreting health information related to patients. In addition, we are clerks who maintain workable and accessible Health Data in a health care system. The following presentation is a promotion piece that I did with another former student on HIM.

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