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This library brings together metadata for health indicators in a convenient location on CIHI’s website. For each indicator, definitions, methodologies and characteristics such as reporting level are summarized in a standard template. Indicator results can also be accessed from hyperlinks provided in the library. The indicators in the library are organized according to CIHI’s Health System Performance Measurement Framework, but the tool also allows you to search for indicators by areas of need and reporting levels.


Nursing-Sensitive Adverse Events for Surgical Patients (Hospital Harm)


This indicator measures the rate of nursing-sensitive adverse events for all surgical patients. The following adverse events are captured in this indicator:

• Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
• Pressure ulcers
• In-hospital fractures
• Pneumonia

For further details, please see the General Methodology Notes

    Fracture (may or may not be caused by fall):

    Case Mix Grouping (CMG):






    (ICD-10-CA codes)

    Pressure Ulcer (Need to separate the non-In-hospital acquired cases)

    Case Mix Grouping (CMG):





    (ICD-10-CA codes)

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